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Ridge Ave Roxborough Historic District

Intro and Nomination Form

Source:  The  information provided in this section was extracted from the "Ridge Avenue Roxborough thematic district (2018)" PDF which is available through the Philadelphia Historical Commission. The content here accounts for only about 55 of the 433 pages in the original document.

Notice: This  content may not be reused or repurposed without the permission of the Philadelphia Historical Commission -- contact them directly to secure  the necessary approval.

Download: The  complete historic district document entitled "Ridge Avenue Roxborough thematic district (2018)" is available to download for free from the Philadelphia Historical Commission. Please note the complete 433 page document is 36M as it contains the full inventory of the historic district.


Nomination of the Historic District

Philadelphia Register of Historic Places

  "Ridge Avenue Roxborough Thematic Historic District"

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This information has been posted by RMWHS with the permission of the Philadelphia Historical Commission.

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