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Cemetery Records


RMWHS currently has:

  • Leverington Cemetery

    • thousands of transcribed burial records

    • tombstone records

    • map (below)

  • Roxborough Baptist Church

    • original burial books for various years

    • map (in Archive)


If you would like to request a burial look-up, contact us.

Note: RMWHS is not computerized. All resources must be searched through manually and it can be a slow process. If visiting the area, please contact us as far in advance as possible if you plan to pick up research info. We are open by appointment only so please keep that in mind when traveling to our area. Appointments can be requested online



  1. Always check This information is posted by volunteers and is free to access. This is a good starting point but cemeteries, churches, and historical societies have additional more info.

  2. Be sure to try variations of the surname spelling and cast a wide net -- if the name is William Smith, try W Smith as you may otherwise miss Willie or Wm. Also try spelling various on the surname or a *asterisk as a wildcard to get wider results.

  3. Keep looking even if you think you have it all. Funeral homes & undertakers logs, coroner reports, doctors notes, there are often more death event documents that could be found if you keep digging and they could hold valuable you're looking for such as next of kin, home addresses, obit placement, memberships, veteran status, and more.

Leverington Cemetery Map

Map of Leverington Cemetery
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