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Become an RMWHS Member Today

For more than 50 years, RMWHS has focused on preserving and promoting local history, art, and culture – and despite our inability to hold in-person meetings in 2020/2021  – our dedication to the RMWHS mission remains strong.

  • In December 2020, RMWHS launched this website to better promote and share our local history, art and culture. Within the first two months, we had visitors from across the United States and overseas.

  • Our virtual presence on the Web increased awareness of RMWHS and our mission and generated interest in our efforts which resulted in new members, volunteers, financial donations, photo donations, research requests, and more. 

​By joining RMWHS, you will be:

  • providing financial support to our ongoing preservation efforts,

  • able to see new RMWHS web features before they are released to the public

  • informed of virtual history-related events around our area

  • be invited to provide ideas and help us shape the future events and activities of RMWHS -- including meetings, outings, tours, and day trips once they resume.

As a volunteer-run 501(c)(3) public charity, we are eager to build a strong, loyal membership and hope you will consider joining and/or supporting the Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society and its efforts to preserve and promote local history, art, and culture.


Lynn M. Trimborn, President
Georgie Gould, VP & Webmaster

RMWHS is a 501(c)(3) public charity.

We are a volunteer-run, non-profit organization.



Does someone you know
love local history?

Why not give them a
gift membership to RMWHS?

Gift recipients receive full member benefits and are included in all communications, member activities, and project updates.

Doesn't matter where they live -- we have members from across the U.S., including former residents and the descendants of founding families.

Gift recipients will be sent an RMWHS note card informing them of your gift of membership.  Student, Individual, Family, and Business/Organization memberships available.

Give A Gift Membership

RMWHS Memberships:
$10 Student
$20 Individual
$30 Family
$50 Business/Org

FREE Donations from Amazon and Microsoft Bing

You can help RMWHS receive financial support -- and it costs you nothing!

Support RMWHS
just by searching the web

Join Give with Bing and earn points
that turn into cash donations for RMWHS.


Financial Donations

Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society is a 501(c)(3) public charity (​EIN: 23-3060216) -- we are  a volunteer-run, non-profit organization.

Your membership dues and financial donations are tax deductible and directly support RMWHS programs and preservation efforts -- including the RMWHS Archive and website. 

Contact us today if you'd like to become a member or make a financial donation.

Books, Documents,
& Physical Donations


RMWHS has taken donations of books and maps, tickets and train schedules, cemetery records and family genealogies, buttons and bottles, postcards and pamphlets, deeds and wills, school books and dishes, parasols, foils, and even a few wooden nickles. (Yes, really!)


If the item you wish to donate is tied to local history, events, or people, we are interested in hearing about it. While the RMWHS Archive space is currently quite limited, we do evaluate items for inclusion into the collection. ​

Image Donations

We can scan your images and
you keep the originals.

The Archive is being digitized and we are tight on space, so if you do not want to part with your original historic images and family treasures -- you don't have to! A digital copy (scan) can be made by an archivist and you can keep your original(s). 

No image is too damaged to evaluate -- we can restore, rescue, or revive a great deal of an image digitally. (See "Capture, Preserve, & Restore - Oh My!")

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