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In Memoriam

We thank the family, friends, and loved ones, who have made an In Memoriam donation to RMWHS for their generosity. The individuals honored by the donors are listed below and have been recorded the In Memoriam remembrance book in the RMWHS Archive.


You do not need to be a RMWHS member to be honored or to donate. Donations of any amount are accepted. ​​RMWHS is a 501(c)(3) public charity. ​Funds generated from In Memoriam donations will be put toward preservation, restoration, and/or beautification projects in our neighborhoods. This may include our local cemeteries and war memorials. We thank you for your generosity.

Contact us if you wish to honor someone by making an In Memoriam donation


Received in 2023

Miriam McCurdy

Mary Longaker Keely Everhart

Bert Laudenslager*

Received in 2022

Jack Fasy

Robert & Edith Yarnall*

Received in 2021

Paul Walter

Russell Ripka

Jo Cauffman*

Helen Wong

Frank & Mary Trimborn

Nick Gilbert*

Ted Lada*

Mary Ann & William Buchanan

Received in 2020

Robert & Edith Yarnall*

Harry A. Olson*

Wendy Weight

*RMWHS Member

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