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Research Assistance


Limited Availability in Summer Months

Our volunteer archivists Sylvia Myers and Georgie Gould may be able to help you with your general local history or  genealogical questions.

Please use this form to contact us for:

  • requesting Archive info &/or appointments

  • Leverington Cemetery burial locations

  • Roxborough Baptist Churchyard burial locations

  • General local history questions & info

Genealogical Research

None of the Archive is computerized. All research is done old school by looking through books, files, manuscripts. The time it takes can be overwhelming. If you have a relatively straightforward/easy genealogical question or research request, please use this form to contact us.

However, if you have a complex multi-generational mystery to solve, or just want to know everything we have about a specific family -- you must set up a phone call to discuss.

Also, please understand that archivists cannot take on large projects for you, but we will always try to assist you and make recommendations to aid in your research.


Sylvia Myers


Georgie Gould

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