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RMWHS In the News


If you are aware of a newspaper, magazine, website, or other source that has written about, quoted, or mentioned RMWHS, please let us know.

2023-11-12 -- Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society switching things up with Nov. 15 online ‘Show and Tell’

2023-04-21 -- Pa. State House honors Sylvia Myers

2023-02-17 -- SEPTA begins work on Shawmont Station restoration

2022-07-29 -- Community invited to help shape RMWHS Image Collection

2021-02-07 -- RMWHS celebrates Black History Month with a spotlight on artist Claude Clark

2020-12-13 -- RMWHS Launches New Website


2020-11-17 -- RMWHS looks ahead into the digital age  


2020-02-24 -- Natural Selections: Manayunk and Manatawna: Our Lenape Place Names 


2019-09-10 -- Get the picture with special session of Roxborough Manayunk Historical Society 


2018-11-17 -- New sign dedicated at Leverington Cemetery in Roxborough 


2018-03-14 -- Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society dedicated to preserving the past 


2017-11-15 -- NATURAL SELECTIONS: Proposed city council bill — ‘more than just a moratorium’ for Roxborough area 


2017-09-20 -- Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society presentation to focus on Schuylkill Navigation  


2017-06-28 -- Annual Roxborough Independent Day Parade to step off Tuesday  


2017-05-18 -- Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society speaker to discuss new Museum of the American Revolution 


2017-04-18 -- Filmmaker to share history documentary with Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society  


2016-06-03 -- NATURAL SELECTIONS: Plymouth Meeting struggles with possible loss of piece of history 


2015-11-13 -- NATURAL SELECTIONS: Save the Shawmont Station 


2015-07-02 -- A Tribute to Samuel Lawson, Founder of the Local Independence Day Parade of Churches and Sunday Schools 


2015-05-22 -- NATURAL SELECTIONS: Why is Ridge Avenue there? 


2015-04-14 -- Historical Society to discuss Upper Roxborough 


2015-03-11 -- Upcoming historical society meeting discusses Civil War 


2014-11-07 -- Talking historical homes at the next RMWHS meeting 


2014-09-02 -- Talking about Lincoln's relationship 


2014-08-19 -- Historical Society receive articles on Mt Vernon Church 


2014-07-03 -- A Tribute to Samuel Lawson, Founder of the Local Independence Day Parade of Churches and Sunday Schools   


2014-04-16 -- Discussing the famous inventors of Our Town 


2014-04-15 -- Save Our History 


2014-03-27 -- Historical Society showcases vintage WWI & WWII posters 


2012-12-11 -- Judgement on the Bunting House to come by week's end 


2012-11-02 -- Spirits abound in Hermit's Glen 


2012-09-26 -- UPDATED: Bunting House receives 30-day reprieve from demolition, negotiations on future still continue 


2012-09-24 -- UPDATED: Residents want historic building saved from wrecking ball  


2012-06-29 -- A history of Our Town's parade 


2011-09-01 -- RMWHS releases new book ‘Roxborough’ (Arcadia Press) 


2010-09-21 -- Vintage baseball  


2010-09-21 -- No namby pamby players: vintage ballists recreate old time baseball  


2010-08-13 -- A treasure trove of memories    


2010-02-03 -- Thinking first and then acting out: Manayunk-raised artist Claude Clark  


2009-11-17 -- A celebration of thanksgiving and history  


2009-04-22 -- RMWHS hosts tour of Founders Hall at Girard College  


2009-03-18 -- Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon Historical Society receives a real gem  


2009-02-25 -- Celebrating 150 years of God & service   


2009-02-18 -- Now accepting applications for ‘Mr. Nick Award’ to honor RMWHS’ Nicholas G. Myers  


2009-02-11 -- Knowledge is for all time essay contest  


2008-11-12 -- Historical Society meeting talks sports 


2008-07-09 -- A new sign commemorates 1777 Woods Barn massacre 


2008-07-06 -- Shawmont Train Station now a city landmark (Register of Historic Places) 


2008-03-26 -- 'Liberty or Death' at the RMWHS 


2008-02-20 -- 'Knowledge is for all time': Mr. Nick Myers award essay contest returns 


2008-01-09 -- Landmark 22 foot Garner Mural moves out 


2007-12-05 -- Celebrating 100 years of linking lives 


2007-11-21 -- Historical society makes history (RMWHS 40th Anniversary)  


2007-11-21 -- David Young speaking at society anniversary meeting 


2007-07-04 -- Remembering Wood's Barn: A Revolutionary War Tragedy 


2005-11-09 -- A new and improved archive room for RMWHS 


2005-07-06 -- Fourth of July is a tradition in Roxborough. 


2004-04-21 -- Beauty found at reservoir 


2003-05-07 -- Professional musician has done it all 


2003-05-01 -- Another disease epidemic is recalled 


2003-04-18 -- Young man makes movie on 21st Ward 


2001-10-10 -- The Civil War sentinel has returned to cemetery post

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