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Meetings & Events

Beginning in 2023, the RMWHS calendar will be designed to provide a mix of in-person and Zoom-based meetings, events, tours, activities, etc. The date, time, location, and format of the meeting will vary.

This less rigid schedule is a departure from our traditional calendar and was designed to allow us more flexibility so we are able to align our activities with community events, venue and speaker availability, museum hours, host organization scheduling, and other opportunities we might otherwise miss.

Efforts to live stream in-person events via Zoom and/or record for replay options will be made within reason.  Some meetings and events on the schedule will be specifically designed and planned for a Zoom virtual meeting. There are some topics that will better lend themselves to this format like a presentation with photos, videos, or an interactive feature such as surveys, quizzes, or voting.

The RMWHS calendar will be updated as needed. Additional notices and updates will be directly mailed and/or emailed to current members. If you wish to get notifications about RMWHS activities, we'd love to have you as a member. Membership fees are modest and the monies raised support our ongoing efforts to preserve and promote local history, art, and culture.

For more information about the calendar, membership, or if you'd like to speak or present to the group, please contact us.

Georgie Gould, President, RMWHS

Masks Optional at Events
Group Lecture


Masks are CURRENTLY OPTIONAL for all in-person gatherings UNLESS our host organization or location requires we wear them.  If you are planning to attend an event/meeting in-person, please bring a mask along just in case something changes or you decide you wish you had one.

Note: If you wish to wear a mask at ANY gathering -- please do! You will not be alone as some of us always do (including the president).

Masks Required at RMWHS Archive


Currently visitors ARE REQUIRED to wear masks in the RMWHS Archive due to the size of the room. If you are not willing -- or are unable --  to wear a mask, please request a virtual or phone consultation. We currently offer FaceTime, Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet.

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