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It's Summer!

The Archive is closed until late September
and our staff is on vacation.

To leave us a message, scroll down.


It's Summer!
But we check email periodically.

If your issue is urgent/time sensitive,
put "URGENT" in the subject line
and our president will call you.

If this is a research request,
put "CALL ME" in the subject line
and we will call to let you know
IF we can take on your request this summer
or if we have to schedule it for the Fall.

If this is something else,
put in an appropriate subject line
and we will reach out when we check in.

Have a safe & happy summer!


Research Notice


  • Privacy & Use - Your personal information will be protected in accordance with the RMWHS Privacy Policy. However, the research done by our volunteer archivists/genealogists is property of RMWHS and may be shared/discussed with other RMWHS members, visiting students, researchers, etc., at the discretion of RMWHS archivists/genealogists.

  • Credit, Citation, & Copyright - You may also share/discuss the results of the research RMWHS provides but any credits, citations, and/or copyright notes on any materials we provided to you must remain intact, including third-party citations.  Contact us if you have questions.


  • Image Requests - We are happy to work with you to find the images you need. However, to avoid the RMWHS Image Collection being misused, everyone will need to sign a Photo Usage Agreement. This includes but is not limited to: RMWHS members, students, teachers, researchers, non profit organizations, businesses, press, etc. (Learn more.)

Donations for our efforts are very appreciated. Our volunteers work without pay and all monies donated will be used for continued preservation of the Archive and expanding/enhancing our efforts to share our history with the community.

RMWHS and its archivists reserve the right to decline any requests that would unduly tax our volunteers' time or are beyond the scope of RMWHS focus and/or resources.

We will not share your personal contact information beyond the RMWHS team member or fulfillment partner that needs to address your inquiry or research request.  RMWHS Privacy Policy.

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Thank you for your interest in RMWHS

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