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You Rocked Our World!

Since our website launched in December 2019, we've had thousands of visitors from more cities, states, and countries than we ever imagined. The impact was not just felt on the web, but across the organization and has changed us in many ways.

  • Research requests have come from 3 different continents as a result of our launch into the public eye. More requests than our volunteers expected, but we address them all despite the language barriers and time zone differences and offer virtual meetings as well as phone calls. We thank everyone near and far for their patience as our 2 volunteer archivists -- Sylvia Myers and I -- respond to questions.

  • Membership has more than doubled in size despite the pandemic! Today we have members not just across the city of Philadelphia, but across the United States. Contact us if you're interested in joining.

world map with visitor locations marked
​Marks indicate city locations of our website visitors. (Updated 5/11/23)

US Map showing locations of visitors
Visitors from across the US (47 states as of 5/11/23)

For current details and countries, states, etc., see About Our Website.

  • ​​Donations -- both financial and physical -- are being sent in to us. Books, photos, maps, posters, genealogies, manuscripts, and more have come to us in boxes, envelopes, emails attachments, and Christmas cards. People want to see local history, art, and culture saved and are reaching out to help by donating items that they have, find, or inherit to see the materials preserved for the future.

  • "Warm Fuzzies" -- Important and intangible benefits have been had as RMWHS has been able to connect individuals doing genealogical/family history research with others working the same family tree/branch. We've been able to connect folks who are half way across the country or around the globe and might not have otherwise been able to find each other. There have also been many questions we've answered that have helped folks discover their ancestors, understand old stories, and separate family fact from fiction. On more than a few occasions we've heard, "I've wondered about that for decades, and now I know -- thank you."

​But I have not disclosed all of this to brag or boast but rather as a means to legitimize my statement that I am truly humbled by the response RMWHS has had to creating a presence on the web. I hope each of you will continue to visit for years to come to see how our website and organization grow. I also offer you the opportunity to become a member and/or to volunteer to help us with our mission to preserve and promote local history, art, and culture.

Wishing you Peace and Joy in 2023.

Georgie Gould, President, RMWHS


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