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Thanks to everyone who visited RMWHS at Roxtoberfest 2021!

Long time residents, newcomers to our neighborhoods, visitors passing through, local educators and business owners, kids in costumes, and of course several of our members all braved the threatening skies and stopped by to visit the RMWHS table located in the Epic Church (formerly Roxborough Baptist Church) parking lot at Ridge and Martin.

Sylvia, Lynn, Ruth, and Georgie fielded questions about our group as well as local ghost sightings, the cradle graves at Leverington Cemetery, founding families, the photos and map we had on display, local Civil War soldiers, our 1304 Steps, 1800s area photographers, famous locals, the PV-2 helicopter at the Smithsonian, and much, much more.

And much to our delight we were treated to visitors' stories about growing up in the area, family and local history passed down to them from relatives and neighbors, and one spectacular 1800s portrait a new Roxborough resident just happened to have on his phone of his great-great-great grandfather.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by to say and make it a tremendous day!

Ruth Fuelleborn (left) at the ready to treat kids to Halloween stickers and Sylvia Myers (seated) talking history.

For those who left the event due to late afternoon rain, you missed a spectacular sunset that bathed the Epic Church (formerly Roxborough Baptist Church) steeple in an autumn glow.


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