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Shawmont Panorama

FYI - Due to the extreme heat, dangerous air quality, and torrential downpours we have experienced this summer,
the completion date for the restoration of Shawmont Station has been pushed back to end of September (weather permitting).

 See details on restoration.      |     See historic timeline & photos of restoration progress.

Shawmont Station Renovations Have Begun


After what felt like a dreadfully long wait to many locals concerned with the state of Shawmont Train Station, the structural rehabilitation of historic landmark began on January 18, 2023.  

SEPTA and Contractor Donald E. Resinger anticipate the completion date for the work to be sometime in July 2023 (obviously barring any unforeseen issues in the renovation, severe weather issues, etc.). The scope of the work includes replacement of joists, roofing, decks, windows, doors, and more in order to shore up the structure.


Photo by Leonard Gryn

Photo by Georgie Gould

Work is being done Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. and 3 p.m.; however, because the structure is extremely close to active railroad tracks, working at night will be required on occasion to ensure safety.

When the structural improvement work is done, and the building is sound, it will still not be ready for occupation/use.  At that time a tenant will be sought to occupy the station. Whoever wins the bid process to occupy the spot will be responsible for completing any additional work they require to have it meet their organization/business needs. 


Other "retired" stations in the Philadelphia area have become coffee shops, cafes, used bookstores, offices, etc.  The new tenant will be responsible for ongoing upkeep.

Photo by Georgie Gould

Rehab Progress to be Posted on


Our the new Shawmont Station profile in Local Landmarks (see announcement on new web section below) provides:

  • photos of the progress

  • an image gallery of the station past & present

  • newspaper clippings and articles

  • a historic timeline by John Johnstone, Historian

If you have news clippings, photos, or documents you think should be added to the profile, please contact us.


John Johnstone, Historian &

Shawmont Station Advocate

​​​Visitor Warnings: If you decide to stop by and see the progress in person, you are urged to do so with great caution.

  • No admittance to the property is allowed.

  • There is no parking at the station -- park on Shawmont Ave, take your valuables, lock your car, and watch your step.

  • Stay alert -- this is the realm of cyclists and they can appear suddenly and silently.

  • Stay off tracks -- trains run regularly and they come through quickly.

Take a Peek Inside the Station...

NBC ran a story that takes you inside for a glimpse at the building and gives you a taste of the history.

If you have photos or video of Shawmont Station past, present, or while work is in progress, share them with RMWHS.


We'd be delighted to see them! 



RMWHS preserves local yearbooks, class photos, and school publications within the 21st Ward.
Our collection is used for ge
nealogical and local history research ... and we need more.

  • Yearbooks.

  • Photos.

  • Publications.

  • Any school.

  • Any year.

  • Any condition.

1876 Centennial Exhibition - No Small Feat

A Recent Donation to RMWHS Archive Inspires a Look Back at the Centennial

The 1876 Centennial Exhibition and the first World's Fair held in the United States was a colossal undertaking even by present day standards.


Few people today truly appreciate the scope and scale of the international event held here 147 years ago -- but one RMWHS archivist hopes to change that by exploring the details of a recent donation to the RMWHS Archives far more closely.  Read more.

Roxborough Baptist Church Centennial Poster

RMWHS Artifact

Close up of Agricultural Hall from RBC poster

Includes more than 25 images
from RMWHS, Library of Congress,
and Free Library of Philadelphia 

See More

Special thanks to Pastor Jake Rainwater and the Epic Church for placing the Roxborough Baptist Church poster and other items into RMWHS' care. The donated items include church books, hymnals, photos, negatives, membership records, correspondence, publications, cemetery records, burial records, maps, and more.

1931 Photo just donated

We Love Old Photos!

Precisely 92 years after it was snapped on the streets of Roxborough, this gem of a photo found its way to RMWHS.

Finding an old photo like this one waiting for us in our email is the delight of an archivist's day -- and even more so when it's this undeniably cute.

RMWHS thanks Ken Gilbert and family for the donation which was added to the RMWHS Archive Image Collection to preserve it for the future.

If you have a photo (or a stack of photos) you think we should see, have, know about, contact us. We take digital or printed photos as well as slides, negatives, etc. We can even scan most images and return the originals if need be.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Memorials of the 21st Ward

RMWHS has launched a new web section --  Memorials of the 21st Ward -- which provides a listing of the 8 memorials within our area and includes a photo gallery of each.


Each memorial page will be expanded in the months and years to come as images and newspapers clippings (both new and historic) are added.  ​If you would like to contribute an image or information for any of the memorials, please contact us. Also, if we have missed a public memorial within the Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon area, please let us know. 

Each of the memorials is open to the public  and all visitors (including service animals) are welcome.


We remind all visitors to be respectful not only to the memorial and grounds, but of the others who may be there remembering loved ones lost, for whom these special places were created to honor.

Explore the Memorials of the 21st Ward.

RMWHS thanks all who have served.

RMWHS Note Cards

To share a bit of local history and raise funds to help support our preservation and outreach activities, RMWHS is offer a set of 8 note cards for $10.  The back of each card features facts or info about the photo or its significance.

Each note card set contains 8 envelopes and 2 copies of each of the following 4 images:

  • American Stores Co on Green Lane

  • Empress Theater on Main Street

  • Historic Staircase Between Rox & Mynk

  • Henry Avenue Bridge & Wissahickon Creek

Each note card is approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches, was printed on a high quality not card stock to ensure a clear image, and is blank inside.

If you are interested in getting note cards, look for the RMWHS tent at the next community event or send us an email if you don't want to wait to get them -- we'll let you know were you can pick them up!

Local Landmarks

RMWHS has launched a new web section --  Local Landmarks. This section provide a profile on significant buildings and sites within our neighborhoods that will include a history, photo gallery, and more.

Currently we have only 3 online but more will be added as volunteers step forward to help. If you would like to contribute photos, newspaper clippings, or help research/write the history of a local landmark, please contact us.

Some of the landmarks are open to the public to visit. However, there are a few that are privately owned. Please be respectful of our neighbors, their property, and the special places in our community,

Explore Local Landmarks

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