Memorials of the 21st Ward

RMWHS has launched a new web section --  Memorials of the 21st Ward -- which provides a listing of the 8 memorials within our area and includes a photo gallery of each.


Each memorial page will be expanded in the months and years to come as images and newspapers clippings (both new and historic) are added.  ​If you would like to contribute an image or information for any of the memorials, please contact us. Also, if we have missed a public memorial within the Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon area, please let us know. 

Each of the memorials is open to the public  and all visitors (including service animals) are welcome.


We remind all visitors to be respectful not only to the memorial and grounds, but of the others who may be there remembering loved ones lost, for whom these special places were created to honor.

Explore the Memorials of the 21st Ward.

RMWHS thanks all who have served.

Got Cell Photos?

See submitted photos and image collections below

RMWHS needs your help -- specifically we need cell photos that capture our neighborhoods as they are today. You may already have some on your phone that would be perfect to share with RMWHS.


Whether you've captured a quiet moment at your favorite park, a sidewalk cafe filled with diners, a blizzard in Andorra, the flowering vines on a historic home, the radio tower repair team dangling from a helicopter over Domino Lane towers, or someone dressed giving tours along the Wissahickon -- RMWHS would love to see them.

If you have a photo that captures something special about our area, or a special moment in time in any of our neighborhoods, send it to Photos shared with RMWHS will be consider image donations.


Please include your full name and a few details about the photo -- such as a street or event name especially if it is not obvious -- so we can put a description on the photo. (Mouse over the photos below to see examples.) Keep in mind these should be photos you have taken -- not ones someone else took that you are passing along.  Any age is welcome to submit photos.  All photos shared will be considered an image donation.  

There is no "deadline" on this request. RMWHS is always interested in images of the 21st Ward -- new or old. All photos are reviewed by RMWHS archivists to ensure they are appropriate for display and incorporation into the permanent RMWHS Image Collection.  

Your photos can become a part of our collection -- your photos can become part of our local history.

Photos received will be posted below. We will update the gallery as more photos come in. Keep checking back!

The Blair Family Collection

Special thanks to the Blair Family for donating +30 images taken between 1890 and 1910.  To see the full collection, visit the RMWHS Archive.

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Local House: 1906 & 2014

Thanks to Paul Ricker for snapping a new image of this 1906 photo of 566 Jamestown (before it was a twin) and sharing it with us. We've paired the 1906 image with a Google Maps image so you can see it as it stands today.

 Images of the 21st Ward - Submitted in 2022

New Photos Added

December 1

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