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Happy 100th Birthday, Sylvia!


Our own Sylvia Myers turned 100 on June 18th, 2024. A celebration was held at Cathedral Village in Roxborough on June 22 with her friends, family, neighbors, and more than 125 of her "Dear Hearts" in attendance.

A story on Sylvia has been posted on the Times Herald/Roxborough Review Online and will be in the Roxborough Review print edition the first week of July.

If you'd like to send a note or birthday wishes to Sylvia,
you can email them to RMWHS or send them to:

Sylvia Myers c/o RMWHS

6245 Ridge Avenue

Philadelphia PA 19128

A sampling of the many photos of Sylvia's life were displayed at the event are provided below.


Happy 200th Anniversary, Manayunk!

In 2024, we celebrate the 200th anniversary of the naming of Manayunk and encourage you to explore some highlights in its history.

  • Founded in 1690, Roxborough Township was comprised of 11 tracts of land sold by William Penn to early settlers -- including the areas that would become Manayunk, Wissahickon, and a part of East Falls.
    (See the new map listed in this section.)

  • In May 1824, the Roxborough Township neighborhood known as "Flat Rock" decided to rebrand itself with a new name worthy of the growing river-front community. The committee settled on "Udoravia" (a Greek word meaning "by the river"). However, the next day after it was announced, the objection of residents lead to a second name change. This time the committee decided upon "Manayunk" (a modified spelling of the Lenape word "maniung" meaning "where we drink") which reflected the desire of many that the name should have a Native American origin.

  • On June 11, 1840, the neighborhood of Manayunk incorporated and became a borough within Roxborough Township. (See the new interactive Google Map in this section for the footprint in 1840.)

  • On March 31, 1847, Manayunk separated from Roxborough Township to stand as a borough within Philadelphia County. 

  • On February 2, 1854, Manayunk -- along with Roxborough Township and all the other villages, boroughs, townships, and hamlets within Philadelphia County -- was consolidated into the City of Philadelphia. This consolidation reunited the pieces within the footprint of Roxborough Township in 1690 into the 21st Ward of Philadelphia.

In the ~170 years since, many things in the 21st Ward have changed, but the neighborhood identities persist as does a great sense of resident pride. RMWHS celebrates this history and  we hope you will explore the related items presented here.

It is the mission of RMWHS to capture, collect, preserve, and share the local history of our neighborhoods -- and you can help. To find out how, contact us.


If you have a piece of local history, anecdote, photograph, map or something from our area that you think should be preserved or shared -- please tell us about it.

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We have members across the United States.

New members always welcome.

More to explore...

Ridge Ave Roxborough Historic District

Learn about our area's geology, the Lenape, early settlers, the 11 tracts of land that William Penn sold and became Roxborough Township in 1690, & more.

Leverington Hotel

(Provides information and history of Manayunk before 1824)

1690 / 2024 Local Map

Check out an 1690 map overlaid on today's streets. This new RMWHS map shows the 11 tracts of land sold by William Penn to the early settlers including details on owners, tract size, and dates included. 

Click image to view >>>

or click here to
download 2M PDF

New Map

11 Tracts of Roxborough Township

1840 Borough of Manayunk Explore the boundaries on Google Maps (Interactive)

Take a peek --

you might be surprised!

New Map

Main Street Manayunk
Historic District

Explore the evolution of Main Street including its architecture, mills, and social and economic changes.

New Section

Mills along the Schuylkill

Manayunk Magazine special anniversary edition...



RMWHS preserves local yearbooks, class photos, and school publications within the 21st Ward.  Our collection is used for genealogical and local history research ... and we need more to support our efforts.

  • Yearbooks.

  • Photos.

  • Publications.

  • School magazines.

  • Athletic memorbilia

Any School.

Any Year.

Any Condition.

St John the Baptist High School
Levering School
Shawmont School
1931 Photo just donated

We Love Old Photos!

Precisely 92 years after it was snapped on the streets of Roxborough, this gem of a photo found its way to RMWHS.

Finding an old photo like this one waiting for us in our email is the delight of an archivist's day -- and even more so when it's this undeniably cute.

RMWHS thanks Ken Gilbert and family for the donation which was added to the RMWHS Archive Image Collection to preserve it for the future.

If you have a photo (or a stack of photos) you think we should see, have, know about, contact us. We take digital or printed photos as well as slides, negatives, etc. We can even scan most images and return the originals if need be.

Have a safe and happy summer!

Memorials of the 21st Ward

RMWHS has launched a new web section --  Memorials of the 21st Ward -- which provides a listing of the 8 memorials within our area and includes a photo gallery of each.


Each memorial page will be expanded in the months and years to come as images and newspapers clippings (both new and historic) are added.  ​If you would like to contribute an image or information for any of the memorials, please contact us. Also, if we have missed a public memorial within the Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon area, please let us know. 

Each of the memorials is open to the public  and all visitors (including service animals) are welcome.


We remind all visitors to be respectful not only to the memorial and grounds, but of the others who may be there remembering loved ones lost, for whom these special places were created to honor.

Explore the Memorials of the 21st Ward.

RMWHS thanks all who have served.

RMWHS Note Cards

To share a bit of local history and raise funds to help support our preservation and outreach activities, RMWHS is offer a set of 8 note cards for $10.  The back of each card features facts or info about the photo or its significance.

Each note card set contains 8 envelopes and 2 copies of each of the following 4 images:

  • American Stores Co on Green Lane

  • Empress Theater on Main Street

  • Historic Staircase Between Rox & Mynk

  • Henry Avenue Bridge & Wissahickon Creek

Each note card is approximately 4.25 x 5.5 inches, was printed on a high quality not card stock to ensure a clear image, and is blank inside.

If you are interested in getting note cards, look for the RMWHS tent at the next community event or send us an email if you don't want to wait to get them -- we'll let you know were you can pick them up!

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