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Veterans Day 2022 brought the launch of RMWHS's "Memorials of the 21st Ward" which provides a page dedicated to each of the 8 memorials within the 21st Ward. 


Each memorial page will be expanded in the months and years to come as both old and new images and newspapers clippings are added as well as a history of the memorial. 

​If you would like to contribute an image or information for any of the memorials, please contact us. Also, if we have missed a public memorial within the Roxborough Manayunk Wissahickon area, please let us know.

Memorials of the 21st Ward

RMWHS reminds all visitors to be respectful not only to the memorial and the grounds,
but also of the others who may be there remembering loved ones lost, for whom these special places were created to honor.

21st Ward War Memorial
(Gorgas Park)

Civil War Soldier Memorial
(Leverington Cemetery)

Korean & Vietnam War Memorial
(Hattal-Taylor VFW)

Old Glory Memorial
(Germany Hill)

Revolutionary Soldiers Memorial
(Leverington Cemetery)

Shawmont Roll of Honor Memorial
(Shawmont & Nixon)

WWI & WWII Memorial
(Hattal-Taylor VFW)

Wissahickon War Memorial
(Sumac St & Rochelle Ave)

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