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Community Yearbook Project

Yearbooks available to view:
About this project:

RMWHS needs your help capturing images of our neighborhoods as they are today. We can all see how quickly things are changing, buildings disappearing, new ones going up. While change can be good, not capturing the evolution of the neighborhoods around is not. We want to capture images ON AN ONGOING BASIS so we can preserve a record of what came before for the future.



You may already have some great photos of the 21st Ward on y our phone. You could have photos of the street you live on, a favorite local park, a historic landmark, local festivals, your holiday block party, a flooded Main Street or snow-covered Ridge Ave -- they could all be great additions to the yearbook.

​If you have a photo that captures something special about our area, an event, the people, building or landmark, canal or bridge, we'd love to see it.


Email it to us at Photos shared with RMWHS will be consider image donations.  Please include your name and a few details about the photo -- such as a street or event name especially if it is not obvious -- so we can put a description on the photo.  Keep in mind these should be photos you have taken -- not photos you found on Facebook that you are passing along. 


Any age is welcome to submit photos.  If your kids took some great shots -- feel free to send them in with their name. We will record them as the photographer and it will become part of the RMWHS Digital Collection.

​​There is no "deadline" on this request. RMWHS is always interested in images of the 21st Ward -- new or old.


Note: All photos are reviewed by RMWHS archivists to ensure they are appropriate for display and incorporation into the permanent RMWHS Image Collection. Please not send images that you didn't take. 

Your photos can become a part of our collection -- your photos can become part of our local history.


Of course! We will post old photos in too -- we did in 2022, go take a look. Whatever we receive in a specific year will be posted within that yearbook. We have even received an entire collection of old photos (see 2022's Blair Family Collection).

Will you take
old photos too

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