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Local Landmarks

Additional landmarks will be added as they are completed. If you have images you'd share or would like to help us create a profile for this section, please contact us. RMWHS welcomes volunteers.

Shawmont Station

Shawmont Station is the oldest surviving passenger station in America and the oldest building owned by any railroad, in the World. It was a schedule stop until 1991 and then a whistle stop until 1995. Structural restoration began in 2023.

Leverington Cemetery

Since the first recorded burial in 1703, more than 12,000 souls have been laid to rest on this land during the last 320 years. The residents of Leverington Cemetery include some of the first settlers of the area, Revolutionary soldiers massacred at Woods' Barn as well as soldiers from every war since, and the generations of people who played a part in building the communities around it.

Bethany Lutheran Cemetery

The cemetery opened in 1847 and was a part of the churchyard for the first Bethany German Lutheran Church (Bethanien Kirche) which was erected here in 1850. After a fire destroyed the wood church, a new one was built nearby and this land was used exclusively for burials which continued here until 1955. The cemetery holds an untold number of early German immigrants and at least 9 Civil War soldiers.

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