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The 1304 Steps of Our Town

The original "1304 Steps of Our Town" display had been a favorite of visitors to the RMWHS Archive for decades. It showcased photos of more than a dozen staircases that adorn the steep terrain of our area and knit our neighborhoods together. (Read "Step back in time: 1304 Steps to 1880s" to learn more about the steps.)


Sadly,  the beloved display was not aging gracefully and it needed an overhaul. So in early 2020, as part of the RMWHS Archive digitization project, the old display was dismantled and a new poster was created.

In order to share the new poster with as many members, neighbors, and visitors to the area as possible, RMWHS is  offering a downloadable/printable version for personal use. 

But wait -- there's more! 


Taking things one step further -- pardon the pun -- the same information was used to create an interactive Google Map. This map can be accessed via smartphone to enable users to take a self-guided tour of the 1304 Steps of Our Town. 


All step trekkers should be mindful some of these steps are steep, old, and could be slippery in certain weather conditions. Also, there are 1304 of them, so don't over do it. Finally, remember to wear a mask and keep a socially-responsible distance from other trekkers.

Happy trails!

Take a Hike

(The map is subject to the limitations of Google's mapping features.)

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